The idea for MIKAKUS came about during an informal dinner among laughs and drinks at the end of 2016, the brainchild of Joel and Alex, two good friends since adolescence.

Both of them stand out for their entrepreneurial vision, and have always wanted  to collaborate on a young, fresh project that would identify them.

- Hey, why don't we start a brand of sneakers?
-But first of all we have to look after quality, detailing and customer service, if not, what's the point?

They thought it seemed crazy, but it was their dream and they decided to go with it!

From that point on, MIKAKUS became a project distinguished by friendship, first they presented the idea to their friend Andrés Iniesta who fell in love with the project from the first moment.

Later they were joined by some friends as Marc (a rock star from the fashion world), and lifelong friends Samu and Pol (perfect additions to the brand) And those are just a few names from a long list.

This cocktail of professionality, enthusiasm and friendship is the recipe for MIKAKUS, a young, fresh, audacious brand that sets out to break the rules and the status quo, to live every minute of life intensely, not to conform, to travel, in essence, to seize every moment surrounded, of course, by the ones you love.